Potato Croquettes – Fried Potato Balls

Potato Croquettes ! A fancy name for deep fried potato balls. Fancy name, plain delicious ! I’ll go through all the steps from start to finish, showing you how to make these yummy appetizers !

I’ll use some potatoes that I baked, we’ll scoop them out, and use them with some other ingredients like milk, egg and Panko bread crumbs. We will shape them into balls, and then into the deep fryer they go.

Video link at the end of this video for mobile users:
Pizza Pizza ! – 2 Home Made Pizzas – Video Recipe

Pizza Pizza ! Let’s make pizzas using the dough we used in part 1 of this series ! In part 1 we made our pizza dough from scratch, and now I’ll make pizzas using that dough !

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